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   Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is a version of powdered cocaine, but crack cocaine is much more potent. Crack cocaine is cooked into a more concentrated version of the normal powdered cocaine. Crack cocaine is smoked, usually through a glass pipe or aluminum can. In the early eighties this drug, crack cocaine, hit the streets and has made a lasting impression on America ever since. In 1997 the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse estimated that there were 604,000 crack cocaine users in the United States.*

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Crack cocaine is commonly known as one of the most addictive street drugs available and people who use crack are often unable to stop, even if they want to. While crack cocaine was once though to be a 'ghetto' drug, crack cocaine has become popular among younger and more affluent crowds because it is inexpensive and produces a short lasting, but powerful euphoric high. Many researchers believe that crack cocaine will continue to be a popular drug since it is relatively easy to obtain.


Crack cocaine is extremely addictive and can result in many negative side effects. The feeling of euphoria felt while taking crack cocaine fades away quickly and is replaced by a variety of side effects ranging from depression and paranoia to harsh mood swings and anxiety. If a person continues to use crack cocaine regularly, chances are this type of use will result in addiction and other long-term effects. Drug addicts desperate for a 'fix' will often lie, cheat and steal in order to get what they need. Addiction to crack cocaine is characterized by an intense craving, which can only be satisfied by more and more drugs. Addicts develop a physical and psychological dependence upon the drug and feel that they are unable to function normally without it. These addicts are in need of crack rehab. Long-term cocaine effects also include various types of hallucinations, delirium, constant or compulsive restlessness, and severe depression. Over time crack cocaine can result in heart and respiratory problems, heart attacks, and ultimately, death.

Addiction or abuse of crack cocaine is a serious issue and serious action must be taken to help a person stay off the drugs and away from old habits. Spencer Recovery Centers offers comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs and is provides support for families and individuals throughout the entire process. Our specialists are knowledgeable and well trained in all areas of addiction treatment. Spencer has the perfect environment, program and staff to teach each client how to live sober. If you or someone you love has a problem with crack cocaine or other substances and needs help, call us today. Find out able our consultation services and get more information.

* Source: 1997 NIDA report- National Household Survey on Drug Abuse.

Are you looking for a rehab? We have several programs to choose from. If you are an executive and need a rehab with privacy, click executive drug rehab. If you are looking for a drug rehab in California, Spencer Recovery Centers can help or on the east coast, Spencer on the Bay. We also offer drug interventions if your loved one is in denial. Our teen rehab program can accommodate your teen with crack problems. We also offer a Christian-based drug rehab program. Rainbow Recovery is a program for the gay community with drug addiction and alcohol abuse problems. Click here if you are looking for a rehab that deals with prescription drug addiction. We have also partnered with the Jasmine House for eating disorder treatment.

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